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ViBE Branch Networking

ViBE’s Private VPN functionality offers customers with multiple branches/stores the ability to virtualise these sites within a single, cost effective, VPN.

ViBE is an encrypted VPN technology that introduces market leading bandwidth optimisation and quality of service (QoS) irrespective of the last mile connectivity provided (LTE, Fibre, ADSL etc). Customers with a branch or store network can benefit hugely from this.

Firstly VoIP and data can be converged into a single low cost link if required and supported by a variety of resilience features such as RAIN Mode and RAIN Mode+. Secondly,  with the use of VPN ID’s it is possible for the entire branch/store network to benefit from free or heavily discounted ‘on-net’ traffic rates (check with the ISP).
Thirdly, and especially relevant to retailers, ViBE can be deployed to locations where often an interim connectivity type (LTE for example) is required in circumstances where perhaps a store build is done ahead of the desired fixed line connectivity being available. ViBE’s QoS also facilitates any requirement where a data type needs highest data priority in a store scenario such as payment approval on point of sale devices. This specific type of data traffic is so small that it would seldom conflict with VoIP however still needs to take a higher class of priority.

ViBE connections are default encrypted with an optional upgrade to a higher 128 AES encryption based on the application and complies with bank secure transmission requirements over connectivity such as ADSL.


ViBE Branch Networking


Other ViBE functionality including MPLS CONNECT and ViBE Link Bonding are described in related product bulletins in the downloads section.


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