3G Gateways and Voice Termination 

ViBE technology represents a significant opportunity for companies in the 3G gateway and voice termination market to add real value to their organisations and optimise the use of bandwidth in this market sector.

Core features for the 3G and Voice Termination Sectors 

1.  Compression delivers 500% more traffic!

ViBE delivers Header compression to ensure bandwidth is not wasted, ViBE does interfere or compress the actual Codec so we ensure that call Quality is preserved. To give you an example of the dramatic savings you can make with ViBE a call using G729a as the Codec will typically use 8kbps for the Codec + 35kbps for normal payload making a total of 43kbps per call. ViBE reduces this to 8.1kbps per call.

2.  QOS Quality

ViBE’s patented multiplexing technology ensures that Quality of Service (QOS) is delivered at a level others cannot match. ViBE delivers QOS at byte level ensuring clear communications regardless of whether there is other data on the bandwidth or not. This ensures you customers get superior Call quality

3.  Security / Encryption

ViBE ensures the security of your communications firstly through the use of the ViBE VPN technology and secondly giving you the ability to encrypt all of your communications ensuring the integrity of you calls is preserved.

4.  Call Blending technologies.

ViBE has a range of features aimed at ensuring bandwidth use it optimized. These include the ability to spread your traffic load Randomly over an IP range and also simultaneously Randomly over a Port range.

5.  Bonding

ViBE can bond any links together to increase available Bandwidth for use. It also delivers resilience in event of problems on one of the links and allows dynamic management of performance and flow

6.  RAIN mode

Duplicates all transmissions for both Voice and Data to ensure absolute immediate failover in the event of trouble on one connection. Your users will not even know there is an issue with his lines! In addition RAIN mode eliminates intermittent Jitter and latency that occurs on connections

7.  Codec Agnostic

ViBE works with All Codecs

Works with all GSM Gateways and is actually embedded at the client end into iQsim Gateways.

8.  Statistics

ViBE provides real time statistics of the underlying performance of your network links

All of this equals a increase in Quality and Experience to the actual end user resulting in increased ACD and faster ASR times.

ViBE is in use in over 40 countries worldwide supporting hundreds of gateway users and  delivering premium voice quality.

Please see our YouTube Video for a demonstration and further explanation.


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