ViBE for PBX Resellers

Deployed as a point to point solution between sites, or over a SIP trunk connection, patent pending ViBE technology reduces bandwidth requirement so effectively that a single 256K ADSL circuit can carry 28 G729 calls with no loss of call quality. In fact ViBE guarantees voice quality by ensuring that VoIP traffic is efficiently and effectively prioritised at byte level, reducing jitter and preventing call break-up. ViBE technology gives you the edge when it comes to ensuring call quality at a competitive price.


In SIP Trunking applications the use of ViBE technology can allow an existing PRI to be replaced with a single 256K ADSL circuit. Gone are the days of high cost leased lines or SDSL circuits, VoIP replacement of PRI circuits becomes a truly cost effective and viable alternative to traditional ISDN30 and ViBE allows a “peace of mind” redundancy option via Basic Rate ISDN data circuits.

For organisations that already have leased lines between sites and would like to use these for VoIP traffic, ViBE provides a method of maximising existing investment by reducing the amount of bandwidth required for the added VoIP traffic, and by implementing ViBE QoS over the circuit, can guarantee the quality of the voice calls.

Installing ViBE within a customer's existing infrastructure alongside a new VoIP enabled PBX could mean the difference between cost effective, guaranteed quality calls and a system that works most of the time - but never during that crucial sales call.

Where a single new VoIP enabled PBX is being used to replace older multiple PBX installations, and there are no established data links between sites, ViBE allows the use of lower bandwidth links or more cost effective technologies.

Through its ability to effectively use ADSL links to carry VoIP traffic ,ViBE enabled point to point links can normally be installed much quicker than leased line or SDSL circuits and will show significant cost savings, even in year one. Over the life of a VoIP PBX, ViBE could save your customer tens of thousands of pounds in expensive leased line circuit costs.

ViBE can even be deployed between a company and its employees working from SOHO locations and using VoIP telephony over ADSL. Unlike the QoS options found on some ADSL modems a ViBE enabled ADSL modem works with a ViBE server device to control data both to and from the remote site ensuring VoIP data is efficiently and effectively prioritised, guaranteeing voice call quality while the ViBE IP VPN continues to allow online access to company information.


To deploy ViBE Technology requires a minimum of one ViBE server appliance and either a ViBE router or ViBE enabled ADSL modem at the customer's site.

The hardware solutions for ViBE range from a simple low cost ViBE enabled ADSL modem for SOHO applications, through medium sized routers and servers for leased line applications, to high end ViBE server appliances for installation within a service provider's infrastructure.

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