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RAIN Mode+


When deploying VoIP across a single link some users often have a bad experience due to the sometimes poor quality on the link such as packet loss and lower than advertised upstream speed at different times and days of the week. This is particularly prevalent on wireless and ADSL connections however can also happen on Fibre. These connections can often suffer packet loss. This can be, to a large extent, overcome by a ViBE feature called RAIN Mode. However whilst RAIN Mode is extremely effective at improving resilience and the negating the effects of packet loss on one of the links there was an inherent problem. RAIN Mode only functioned based on the upstream link with the lowest speed. This meant that when deploying links of different size in RAIN Mode there would be excess bandwidth capability that was lost. RAIN Mode + solves this problem and more.

RAIN Mode + creates both a RAIN Mode AND a Multilink (Bonded) connection across multiple links of varying size and type. A RAIN Mode connection is established in the normal way delivering resilience and negating the effects of packet loss whilst the bonded attributes of the connection frees up the excess and otherwise wasted bandwidth available for data use making sure the connection set is bandwidth optimised. RAIN Mode + is available on all existing ViBE enabled CPE’s and does not involve a hardware upgrade on existing installations. RAIN Mode+ is beneficial for ViBE Converged deployments (VoIP and Data).

RAIN Mode+ is available on firmware revisions 3.x and above.


ViBE Connectivity Options



Other ViBE functionality including MPLS CONNECT and ViBE Link Bonding are described in related product bulletins in the downloads section.



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