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ViBE is a low cost, high functionality VPN solution that dramatically improves the WAN experience for VoIP and Data even over lower quality last mile connections such as ADSL.

Demand for data is often out-stripping the ability of ISP’s and Telco’s to adequately scale their networks and provide the required quality and performance for VoIP and data. This situation is felt most acutely across lower quality last-mile connections such as ADSL and by VoIP users who often have to compete for bandwidth however this is also seen on links such as LTE and, in some instances, Fibre.

Service providers and Telco’s must balance the real-time needs of VoIP users with the high bandwidth demands of data users and wherever possible across the same link (convergence). This isn’t always an easy task and if the VoIP and data traffic is not managed effectively then there will often be a poor quality experience. Furthermore the addition of cloud services and applications like hosted IP-PBX only increase the potential problems.

ViBE overcomes these problems in a numbers of ways:

1. ViBE is a VPN technology and as such all VoIP and Data in the VPN tunnel will be completely managed. With ViBE this is done at a byte level rather than packet level and with variable packet injection rates and multiplexing will improve the optimisation on any link running ViBE. RTP will always be given top priority with several lower priorities offered for different data types. By understanding both what is demanded of a link and by dynamically assessing the performance of a link a quality of service can be provided to VoIP users that ensures business grade quality, even over link speeds as low as 128K. Furthermore ViBE technology offers the ability to increase VoIP throughput by up to 5 times with real-world delivery of up to 20 concurrent VoIP calls being carried on a 256K upstream connection.

This is important for an ISP/Telco since many customers will require different connection types with differing performance characteristics. No other technology caters for these diverse requirements as effectively.

2. When offering hosted solutions there is often an upstream and downstream effect on the WAN link. In a hosted IP-PBX scenario a VoIP call between two people in the same office will immediately take two RTP streams on the connection with the associated demand for bandwidth. Scale this up to a larger sized organisation where multiple inter-office calls are being made and the demand on bandwidth can be extremely high. ViBE utilises only a fifth of the bandwidth normally associated with VoIP making it an essential network tool for ISP’s and Telco’s wishing to offer hosted IP-PBX services.

3. Because ViBE is a VPN multi-branch requirements can be easily managed and provide on-net benefits such as reduced calling charges between branches and virtualised data flow. Where MPLS is offered to larger customers ViBE integrates such that ViBE enabled branches can be part of an MPLS configuration that includes non-ViBE branches. Furthermore ViBE’s VPN capability includes both ViBE proprietary encryption and a 128AES alternative offering safeguards against link violations and hacks.

4. Quality of service is key for any VoIP user. The experience must be business grade however there will be instances where poor quality or failed links would normally not make this possible. ViBE has a choice of failover solutions which, even if a link completely fails, will enable a failover to a working link and with no loss of calls in progress. In this scenario it is recommended that failover is to an alternative link type for example ADSL failing over to LTE for example. Where there is an unacceptable level of packet loss on a link ViBE helps here too by sending the traffic simultaneously down two different links, ViBE will intelligently select the best performing link at any given type and smooth out any packet loss effects. On first glance this suggests a doubling of the bandwidth utilised but remember ViBE is saving signicant amounts of bandwidth anyway so the overall effect is still less bandwidth used for VoIP. The remaining bandwidth can then be used for data requirements.

5. ViBE is a bonding technology too. With ViBE a customer can bond up to 8 different connections and enjoy increased overall upstream and downstream speeds. One typical problem with bonding is that if one of the links in a bonded set performs badly then the entire set is affected. Not so with ViBE. Any poorly performing link is temporarily suspended, based on configurable parameters, and is only re-introduced when the performance of that link is acceptable again. This does have the effect of reducing the overall bandwidth delivered at times however maintains an acceptable link (set) quality throughout. This is essential for VoIP.

6. By ensuring the quality and performance of links used ViBE safeguards valuable billable minutes for ISP’s and Telco's and ensures an exceptional quality of experience. Furthermore ISP’s and Telco's no longer need to be concerned about which links will support which applications (VoIP,Data etc) and can offer a standardised technology fit for any customer.

7. ViBE is underpinned by a full suite of real-time and historic information relating to all VPN connections. This information is often essential when troubleshooting and fault finding even when the connection is not managed or owned by the ISP concerned. SNMP outputs and RADIUS integration make configuration and report processes extremely straight forward.

The diagram below shows the range of connectivity and feature options available with ViBE.




To deploy ViBE technology requires a minimum of one ViBE server appliance and either a ViBE router or ViBE enabled ADSL modem at the customer's site. 

Voipex hardware solutions for ViBE range from a simple low cost ViBE enabled ADSL modem for SOHO applications, through medium sized routers and servers for leased line applications, to high end ViBE server appliances for installation within a service provider's infrastructure.

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