Solutions for Bandwidth Optimisation, Bonding and Networking

ViBE Line Bonding


ViBE Line Bonding (VLB) forms an integral part of ViBE’s comprehensive suite of connectivity features. Line Bonding is often required where a specific customer or application calls for the need for greater bandwidth provision in areas where single link connectivity is not sufficient. VLB enables customers to bond up to eight links in a bonded set. These links can be of any type and any size. ViBE will deliver 95%+ of the combined bandwidth delivered.

One of the drawbacks of less advanced bonded solutions is that if one of the links in a set starts to perform badly (packet loss on one of the links for example) this will bring down the overall performance of the entire bonded set. With VLB however this is NOT the case. ViBE technology virtualises all the connections in a set like other technologies however VLB also dynamically polls each link to establish if any of the links are out of (user customisable) set performance criteria. Where a links (s) falls outside the acceptable range then ViBE will temporarily suspend the link from the set. The link will be re-introduced when the performance parameters are acceptable again. Whilst this will bring down the overall bandwidth offered temporarily VLB ensures the active set is performing as it should. This is especially critical when VoIP is present as VoIP is more sensitive to issues such as packet loss than other overcomes a key deficiency in other bonding products.


ViBE Connectivity Options


ViBE Multilink is further enhanced when used in conjunction with RAIN Mode +which is described in related product bulletins in the downloads section.

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