ViBE P2P-203 CPE Appliance

The P2PB range are used for the client end to establish tunnels to the head end users. These are great for integrating into a network that has already been setup and are also easy to use in a new installation. The capacity is designed for use where the client end requires up to 150 concurrent calls.

The P2PB-203 has the following features:

  • Capacity for up to 150 simultaneous active calls and 50 customer tunnels.
  • Near instantaneous fail-over to a second server without losing calls in progress.
  • Dynamic routing via BGP or OSPF for automatic injection of ViBE customer routes in to the backbone network.
  • Create VPNs between sets of customer CPE devices.
  • Either 2 or 3 Ethernet interfaces to support varied network topographies.
  • 802.11q VLAN tag support.
  • Transparent bridging between interfaces and/or VLANs.
  • Full firewall and NAT capability.
  • Source or ToS based policy routing.
  • Traffic monitoring via SNMP.
  • ViBE status monitoring including calls in progress and network quality.
  • User-friendly web based configuration.


  • ViBE increases call density
  • ViBE delivers QOS
  • ViBE supports Real Time Trans-coding
  • ViBE supports multiple codec’s
  • ViBE utilises secondary bandwidth for back up (i.e. ISDN2)
  • ViBE is a scalable solution for all ATM bandwidth
  • ViBE operates over Satellite links
  • ViBE supports simultaneous Voice and Data on the same bandwidth
  • ViBE typically reduces jitter to sub 1ms

 Mechanical & Environmental

  • Operating Temp. 0 ~ 50ºC (32 ~ 122ºF)
  • Operating Humidity 5 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
  • Dimension (W x D x H) 158x 55 x 28 mm

 Power Supply

  • AC Input 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
  • DC Output 18V , 3-5 W

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