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Tier One ISP Altech Chooses ViBE

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) revolutionised telephony by providing cheap or free telephone calls worldwide. However, the bandwidth limitations and bandwidth cost in South Africa have restricted the adoption of VoIP, not to mention the volume and quality of VoIP calls. Altech Technology Concepts (ATC), a forward-thinking business communications service and solutions provider, has identified these constraints and introduced ViBE, an enabling technology developed by UK company Voipex. ViBE uses a quarter of the bandwidth of other conventional methods, and the prioritisation of voice traffic means that it improves the overall quality of the call.

“ATC has an advanced network that delivers a world-class voice and data service”, says Wayne de Nobrega, CEO of Altech Technology Concepts. “Our network is gaining traction in the market and in order for us to ensure the best possible quality service, we implemented the ViBE solution. It overcomes the limitations posed by existing technology, delivering an efficient, high-quality solution.”

ViBE enables voice and data to coexist on a single link; voice packets are not compromised by the presence of data packets. With ViBE, classes of data can be given their own share of available bandwidth in a much more granular way. ViBE effectively removes the inefficiencies of VoIP and reduces the network load. With this increased headroom, an ADSL connection can manage in excess of 20 concurrent calls, without sacrificing quality.

“We understand our customers”, continued de Nobrega. “It’s delivering the best possible service that drives us. With bandwidth still at a premium in South Africa, there are some very real concerns associated with using voice and data over the same broadband network connection. ATC is proud to offer an innovative solution that meets and exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations.”

Owen Rodgers, vice president of sales and marketing for Voipex in the Africa region says, “We welcome the adoption of ViBE by Altech Technology Concepts. It represents a significant step forward for Voipex and our roll-out of ViBE in South Africa. ViBE makes business grade VoIP ADSL a reality. It is designed for companies of all sizes and features full redundancy and failover. Another significant benefit of ViBE is that it can significantly reduce the effects of packet loss and network inefficiencies, a significant problem in the South African market, on relatively low or poor quality broadband connections through the utilisation of RAIN mode. The technology is network agnostic.”

“ViBE is a cost-effective and technically superior alternative to the traditional voice service and has finally made VoIP a reality by radically improving the user experience”, concluded de Nobrega.

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