Voipex Partner Program

ViBE is a key value-add opportunity for organisations looking to deliver cost effective converged voice and data services to their customers. ViBE is an all-in-one solution that enables you to bundle value-added service at no extra cost delivering increased margins per customer and increased service provision.

Voipex partner with Service Providers around the world delivering a range of services that add clear value to their overall voice and data proposition.

ViBE offers Service Providers and Channel Partners a unique opportunity to develop new hardware and service offerings to complement IP-voice and data services.  ViBE is actively marketed to a wide channel base and the team are here to support you in developing your market and service offerings.

Deliver the promise of IP-voice without the pain points

ViBE takes the pain out of delivering IP-voice. With a number of IP-voice installations, be it Hosted IP or SIP trunking, suffering from perceived quality issues, ViBE offers you and your customer peace of mind that call quality need not be compromised. In fact, with ViBE perceived IP-call quality rates at an impressive MOS score of 4.4 – business grade+ quality.  Unlike other QoS mechanisms that work at the packet level, ViBE's unique software prioritises IP-voice data at the byte level, ensuring that voice data is always delivered with the greatest priority. In addition, ViBE delivers 500% greater IP-voice call density allowing you to deploy more voice channels using less bandwidth. Deliver ViBE-enabled IP-voice services today either via a ViBE-enabled white-box service provider or with our off-the-shelf ViBE hardware and service packages.

Create your own personalised service offering with ViBE-enabled white-label services

ViBE allows channel partners to create a unique service offering for their customers by bundling ViBE with white-label services such as connectivity and SIP trunking.  As a ViBE channel partner, you can ensure your proposition to your customers positions you as a technology leader in the IP-voice market and gives you the flexibility to deliver to your entire small and medium business customer portfolio.  As a differentiator in a crowded market, ViBE delivers a quality-value proposition to end customers wishing to implement reliable cloud services and IP-voice communications.

Generate recurring revenue

ViBE offers service providers and channel partners the opportunity to generate recurring revenue based on a flexible licensing model that allows partners to create their own bespoke service offerings.

Enhance your customer reputation

Increase credibility within your customer base by delivering IP-voice services without the traditional deployment hurdles faced by many integrators.

Increase your customer retention

Offering ViBE as a service ensures you retain your customers for longer. Once ViBE is installed, most customers choose to maintain ViBE-enabled services rather than change service provider.

For further information on Partnering with Voipex go to the contact us section and we’d be happy to discuss opportunities with you and tailor a partnering agreement that works for your business and your customers.

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