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Featured OEM's

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As part of Voipex’s ongoing open hardware strategy we are committed to device enablement with the objective of ensuring ViBE is widely available in our chosen markets. We are continually working with existing and new OEM partners to improve our range of available devices. Please contact us for an up to date list of available devices and functionality options in your region.


Voipex have been working with Netgear for over a year and have developed ViBE enabled solutions for several of their devices including the DGN 3500 providing cost effective hardware and a range of ViBE functionality. See also the related data sheet under hardware.

Farsouth Networks 

Farsouth Networks is a South African based company are are ideally placed to support fully ViBE enabled solutions on their X.1 and X.2 IP based platforms. See also the related data sheet in the hardware section.





As part of our ongoing development strategy with TP-Link ViBE is now available on the 3420vs router. the 3420 supports the full range of ViBE functionality when upgraded with the applicable ViBE CPE firmware. More details on this router can be found in the hardware section.


ViBE is available on the popular and competitively priced Mikrotik RB-750 product a great entry level router solution with ViBE enablement. See also the related data sheet in the hardware section.


ViBE is available on the Billion V7300NX and is available exclusively from Nology Solutions. See also the related data sheet under hardware.

VBX Telecom

A South African based hosted and CPE based IP-PBX manufacturer ViBE is enabled at server and CPE level. VBX hardware is available from VBX Telecom.


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