ViBE Service Providers

Please see below a selection of ViBE approved service providers that are active in the South and Southern Africa region. The ordering of the organisations reflects no particular preference on Voipex's part and is provided for information purposes only.





Cloud Telephony – Huge Savings, Great Quality

  • Cloud Unified Communication to fit all market segments.  Scale from 1 to thousands of extensions.
  • Carrier Grade Network – Call quality is top of mind and our network rivals some of the best providers internationally.
  • Number for Life – Port your number to our network and use it anywhere in South Africa.
  • No long term or onerous contracts – We will never tie you down with impractical contracts or push products that do not help support your business. We offer month to month agreements as we believe in our support and service.
  • 24/7 365 Support – Backed by the best engineers around.
  • We own and manage the entire process.

Visit the Saicom Voice Services website at: or more information and contact details.

Ntelecom’s successful customer acquisitions have fuelled the company’s rapid growth over the past 72 months. In the current financial climate, reducing costs, protecting margins and improving returns are the order of the day.

Companies are actively reducing their operational costs as financial pressures take their toll. Telecommunications providers like Ntelecom are well positioned to provide organisations with better and more cost-effective options.

Ntelecom is also expanding wireless technology’s  with a comprehensive offering of hardware and software communications. Our customers count on us to help them succeed with innovative, reliable, high-performing solutions and early access to new communication technologies.

We are dedicated to enhancing people's way of Business by increasing their way of connectivity.Ntelecom Wireless division is focused on performance and customer satisfaction

The company has three main business units that focuses on Internet & Data solutions, Telecommunication (VOIP) and IT Solutions.

Visit the Ntelecom website at for more information and contact details.


TouchNet – Connecting You


TouchNet Telecommunications has been providing world class telecommunications services to businesses in South Africa for over 15 years. Our focus is providing both direct customers and channel partners with cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the needs of their business, and then following this up with fast, personalized service and support. Our VoIP services are designed to ensure our customers and their businesses benefit from best in class:


  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Seamless implementation
  • Features
  • Call quality and reliability
  • Support and service


Visit for more information or email should you wish to enquire about a tailored VoIP solution.


Founded in 2010, Euphoria Telecoms provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication services to small and medium enterprises in South Africa. Euphoria powers businesses with its core offering – Euphoria Cloud PBX – a hosted PBX phone system that provides customers with the quality, security and reliability of traditional PBX phone systems, with more features, greater flexibility and considerable cost savings. Euphoria helps businesses to reduce costs, eliminate complexity and compete more effectively by providing communications services traditionally reserved for large organisations, at small business prices. Euphoria’s fast-growing base of satisfied clients includes Altech Isis, Medway Medical Insurance, Galaxy and Co, Fullhouse Furniture, Wimdu and Value City.  

View the Euphoria Telecoms website at: for more information and contact details.

iConnect SA (Pty) Ltd was established in 2004 as a privately-owned, independent company focussed on innovation and the development of intellectual capital and technological skills in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector of the South African economy in order to address the corporate and SME markets.
Strongly positioned at the forefront of the international trend that has blurred the distinction between traditional fixed-line and cellular telephone systems, information technology infrastructure and internet connectivity, iConnect addresses the convergence of voice, data and internet access through an IP (Internet Protocol) enabled network that helps to guarantee cost savings and greatly enhance the quality, reliability and performance of all local, regional, national and international communications.
iConnect have three core product offerings with a range of value added services across all of these platforms in order to provide our customers with a wide range of choice and scalability.
These products are:

iVoice iConnect’s voice offering has proved highly popular and successful since its inception and continues to offer more and more customers a stable and scalable solution to meet their telephony needs.

iData With our fast and reliable internet and VPN products iConnect are able to eliminate congestion by using a 1:1 contention ratio, one line for one client. Up time all the time.
iPBX iConnect’s answer to hosted PBX has taken the market by storm since it was first launched in 2010. Our feature-rich and fully scalable solution allows customers to get what they want the way that they want it without the costs of a traditional fixed on-site PABX.
Value Added Services iConnect offer a wide array of additional value added services to allow our customers greater freedom when customising their solutions. These include, music on hold, voice logging, linux-based hosted services and virtual switchboard. Each value added service comes with an assortment of further functionality.
View the iConnect website at: for more information and contact details.



Fat  Budgie is a leader in Cloud Telecoms. Our Cloud  PBX gives SA businesses access to a world-class PBX experience that is easy to  control, risk free and saves your business money every day! Fat Budgie  Cloud PBX is infinitely scalable, and our contracts are month-to-month, meaning  that you only pay for the number of extensions you need.

Fat Budgie Cloud PBX is feature rich  meaning that all the "bells and whistles" are built in, and what's  more: these features are constantly being improved automatically in the cloud,  meaning no costly, frustrating upgrades! This Hosted  PBX is hardwired into the biggest VOIP networks in SA meaning that your calls are  rated at the best per second prices available.

In  a nutshell, the PBX world has changed, and Fat Budgie is leading the evolution  from the front!
Visit the Fat Budgie Cloud Telecoms website at: for more information and contact details.
Connection Telecom is a trusted provider of open, unified voice communications solutions for businesses and has pioneered the industry since 2004. Its offering is based on open, industry-standard hardware and software technology that is designed to give customers the best value for money, greater choice, freedom and flexibility.

Our purpose is to partner business in their journey to best manage their PBX environment to optimise their communications costs with the expectation to get the best value for money with greater control.
Connection Telecom are also an approved licensing and hardware reseller for Voipex in South Africa.
Visit the Connection Telecom website at: for more information and contact details.


Centracom offers a truly converged Voice Solution through its VoIP infrastructure, with the ability to integrate into existing on-site PBX’s, provide a Hosted PBX solution via Cloudcall, or even offer next generation Smartphone App based solutions. Centracom’s delivers a high quality Voice Solution, boasting a 4.2 out of 5 MOS rating.  Centracom offers multiple-network redundancy, in-house monitoring, technical & maintenance teams, 24-hour Service Desk governed by an SLA, free inter-branch calls, and some of the lowest call rates in South Africa saving customers on average 10% to 35% on their phone bills.

Visit the Centracom website at: for more information and contact details.






Since 2006, Amatole Telecommunications Services (Pty) Ltd ("Easttel") has been providing wholesale broadband, data, voice & billing services to small and medium sized Resellers, ISP's and WISP's in South Africa. - ICASA IECS Licensed Operator - B-BBEE Level Two (125% Procurement Recognition)

Visit the Easttel website at: for more information and contact details.



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